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Non-Tox & BPA Free
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Who We Are?

We are the alternate for eco future

EcoBharat is an initiative that strives with a strong vision to create a sustainable future. The world is producing twice as much plastic waste with the vast majority of it ending up in landfills, being burnt to ashes, or leaking into the environment. India alone generates 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. EcoBharat takes the first step toward creating a safe and sustainable environment with reduced ecological impact, reduced environment pollution in all forms, and the development of a balanced, green ecosystem.

A Tech of DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

  • Reliabe and performance
  • In-time manufacturing

Our Products

What Makes Us Different?

Recycled by Nature

  • 100% Compostable
  • Made from Corn, vegetable starch
  • Earth-friendly
  • Goes back to nature

Why to Use Our Products?


Create a Sustainable Future

Being environmentally responsible and sustainable is the new cool. It is critical to recognize the importance of taking preventive measures such as reducing carbon footprints and working to create an eco-friendlier environment that is safe and healthy for future generations.

Contribute To a Healthier Way of Living

Going sustainable not only reduces the cost and saves the country economically but also socially by preserving public health. With toxins being present everywhere, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes difficult. The health of society can be preserved by using sustainable products, resulting in a happier and healthier community.

Reduce Wastage

Eco-friendly products ensure efficiency while also being highly durable due to the use of non-harmful materials without sacrificing quality. They also value processes that generate little waste to reduce pollution. As a result, material waste is reduced, and no harm is done to the environment.

Create Ecological Balance

The balance in the nature is critical for the planet to function efficiently. There is a high risk of losing that balance due to pollution and other environmental hazards, resulting in extinction and resource contamination. Ur products ensure that the balance is maintained for a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Believe in Giving Back to the Community

As responsible citizens of the country and people of the planet for all forms of living beings and nature, we strive to make our community healthier and happier by committing to delivering only eco-friendly products.

Sustainable Vision, Eco-Friendly Mission

Being Sustainable is the New Cool

Choose an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Let’s Build a Sustainable Future Together
It’s Time to be the Force for a Sustainable Community
Start Your Journey Towards Greener Earth

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