A Tech of DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

Plastic bottles and bags have evolved into constant environmental hazards. Nature is unintentionally being impacted by the pollution that polythene-based packing material unavoidably causes. India has accumulated 12,994,100 tonnes of plastic pollution by the year 2022. With more than a trillion pieces of trash floating in it, the Indian Ocean is now the second-most contaminated ocean in the world when it comes to ocean debris. Overall, more than 600 million pounds of trash floating in the ocean. Collecting and segregating the waste is a time-consuming process and results in expensive recycling process. Research is being done on a several alternatives to replace these hazardous materials, keeping in mind the negative impacts of widespread use of plastics and polyethylene bags.

Granules for bio-degradable bags have been created by DRDO scientists to replace single use polyethylene bags to prevent additional harm to the environment, which has already cost it a great deal. Based on a formulation created with PBAT starch and food-grade additives, single-use bags are available. Water soluble bags (for the use in sea) and water resistance bags (for the use on land) are the two types of bags that DRDO has created. With few changes to plant and equipment, the current polyethylene bag manufacturers can transition to producing these bags.

Why To Use Technologically Created Product:

  • A Sustainable Biodegradable Alternative To Single-Use Plastic.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Bio-Degradable (Within 60 Days).
  • Home Compostable (In 90 Days).
  • Consumption Causes No Harm To Animals/ Aquatic Life.
  • Fully Tested & Certified.
  • Printable In Multiple Colours.
  • Cost Effective.